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Welcome to Bandera!

Photo by Judith Pannebaker

A plan for a multimillion dollar hotel on the lot at 703 Main Street was found wanting. A Welcome to Bandera sign was judged too big and too Las Vegas crass. So, what did City Fathers - and Mother - tolerate instead? An ersatz used car lot smack in middle of the so-called "historic district" of the City of Bandera - just in time for an influx of summer tourists. This photo was taken Friday, June 6. However, by Monday, June 10, City Administrator Lamar Schultz had assured a representative of the property owner that three vehicles had been removed from the lot as well as the barbecue pit. "Director of Public Works Mike Cardenas is currently working on getting the last car removed from the lot," Schulz's email concluded. Some questions remain, however. Why were vociferous "concerned citizens" not up in arms about the eyesore on Main Street? Why did Councilman Jim Hannah not rail against the blight in the "historic district?" Who allowed this used car lot to be established in the first place? Welcome to Bandera!