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Courier scam of the week, 'You've won $1.2 million!'

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

A reader called the Courier office the end of May to apprise us that yet another scam is apparently making the rounds. This one utilizes everyone's dream prize - a call from Publisher's Clearinghouse (PCH).
The man said a caller had identified himself as a representative from PCH, who was pleased to inform him that he had won $2.1 million. However, before UPS could deliver the check, the man first had to go to one of the big box stores and purchase a gift card of some sort for $450.
"I told him, 'There's no way in hell I'm giving you any money'," the Courier reader said. After that bit of candor, the PCH "representative" suggested that the man perform something that's anatomically impossible and hung up.
The man was instructed to purchase what might have been a Green Dotted Money Pak, a reloadable, prepaid debit card, or money orders from Walmart, Rite-Aid or Dollar General.
"I just wanted everyone to know about this scam because someone who thinks they won a million dollars might actually send them some money," the Courier reader said.
A twist to the PCH scam happened to another Bandera resident, who also received a call informing him he had won a large monetary prize.
In this case, the resident played along with the PCH "representative" until the man realized he wasn't going to con any money out him and terminated the call.
That should have been that; however, later the Bandera resident received a telephone bill for over $100 for a call from Jamaica. Now he has to contact his carrier and have the charge removed.
It's never easy and money is too hard to come by these days to let some con artist bilk anyone out of it!