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- Law West and East of Privilege Creek -`

By Judith Pannebaker BCC editor

Quote: "The policeman must, from a single human hair, be able to describe the crime, the weapon and the criminal - and tell you where the criminal is hiding. But if he catches the criminal, he's lucky. If he doesn't he's a dunce. If he gets promoted, he has political pull and, if he doesn't, he's a dullard."
It appears Crime took a Holiday in Bandera County last week.

Tuesday, May 27:
• A Lakehills Lunkhead remains behind bars on account of a misdemeanor failure-to-appear warrant.
Wednesday, May 28:
• A Bonehead from Bandera also remains in the County Can on three felony charges, including burglary of a habitat, unlawful possession of a fireman as a felon and possession of a Penalty Grade 1 controlled substance.
• A Bandera Boozer got picked up for being pissed in public.
Thursday, May 29:
• Possession of inhalant paraphernalia seemed sufficient to send a Pipe Creep to the slammer for a bit. Yet another denizen of the Creek District is still experiencing life via the taxpayers for being dogged by a felony warrant from an outside agency.
• An A-Hole from Austin found himself stymied by the Long Arm of the Law on account of having a misdemeanor failure-to-appear warrant and but not a valid inspection sticker for his vehicle.
Friday, May 30:
• A Bandera Bad Boy, who apparently failed to heed the suggestions of a previous court(s) paid the price by being nicked for it.
• A local weedwacker participated in the local catch & release program.
Saturday, May 31:
• Yet another warrant from an outside agency proved the bane of a Bandera Boob.
An Idjit from Ingram got busted for his first DWI.