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Two more city employees bite dust

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

The Bandera City Council meeting slated for 6 pm, Thursday, June 5, at 511 Main Street, could be a doozy.
Slated for executive session are the appeals of terminated city employees Joe Frazier and Alan Calaway.
For residents who have been living under a rock, Frazier, the popular manager of Bandera City Park, was terminated on May 29, accused of sexual harassment of Deputy Marshal Amanda Wedgworth on April 12 and 13. According to Frazier, Calaway has been accused of painting Frazier's Sno on the River business while working on the city's time clock.
Also on the agenda are plans to add a GPS to a backhoe of the Public Works Department; reduce rental of the park pavilions from $65 to $25 for eight hours; approve a request for proposals and advertise for city attorney services; and discuss and approve a 50th anniversary party for the City of Bandera, among other items.