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Courier writer wins at state

By Carolyn B. Edwards BCC Staff Writer

Brady Keane collected a handful of medals in the state press contest.

Courier sports writer Brady Keane won three awards in the 2014 state Interscholastic League Press Contest (ILPC). Keane submitted three articles, two in the sports feature writing competition and one in the sports action writing category. He placed first and second with his two feature writing articles and received honorable mention for the action article.
Keane, who will be a senior at Bandera High School next year, has covered high school sports for The Courier since his freshman year. He has also spent time this year doing on-air Bulldog sports coverage for BanderaRadio.com, Bandera's online radio station.
"I submitted a feature story on the girls' cross country team and a profile of senior Michael Miller that I had published in the school's online newspaper," said Keane. "My action article was about the basketball team."
It takes the UIL judges about two months to announce their final results, so Keane was surprised when he got the word about his success.
"When Brady first approached The Courier about writing sports stories, I was happy to bring him on board," said Courier owner and publisher, Gail Joiner. "His natural talent has shown through.
"I hope that the experience he gains from working with our staff helps prepare him for a future in the real world of journalism," Joiner said. "Our two previous interns, Hana Manal and Ashley Jennings, have both gone on to successful careers. I'm sure, with his talent and drive, Brady will experience a bright future as well."
The talented writer is already looking at colleges where he can focus on journalism. George Mason University in Washington DC, where Keane attended a prestigious media conference in 2013, is definitely on the list. "I've been told that you can get some great internships there and make lots of connections," he said. He's also looking at the journalism school at Missouri, along with Texas A&M, The University of Texas and North Texas University.
A well-rounded student, Keane maintains an excellent academic record, taking advanced placement and dual credit courses. At the same time, he participates in basketball and football, giving his articles the touch of personal experience.
Last summer he wrote an essay that helped win a Family Dollar Store grant for the local Boys & Girls Club. This year he qualified to contend at the state level in the Business Professionals of America competition.
Keane is the son of Eileen Keeley-Keane and Paul Keane of Bandera.