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- Law West and East of Privilege Creek -

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Monday, May 12:
• A Castroville Cretin was picked up on an outstanding misdemeanor bench warrant and a felony warrant from an outside agency.
• A 66-year-old weedwacker got busted in Bandera. Really, Dude!
Tuesday, May 13:
• An A-Hole from Abilene was tripped up by a failure-to-appear warrant brought on, no doubt, by a traffic offense.
• It was "catch & release" for a Lakehills Laddie and his misdemeanor warrant from an outside agency.
Wednesday, May 14:
• A Bad-Tempered Banderan assaulted someone by contact and, in the past, failed to appear at some court proceeding. Why does that not surprise me?
• Uh, oh, looks like a Lakehills Lovely skipped out on a previous bond and now that the law's got her again, she apparently ain't goin' nowheres.
• A Clot from Comfort remains a guest of the X Bar Inn after being nicked for a misdemeanor traffic warrant (ho, hum) and two felony warrants from outside agencies.
Thursday, May 15:
• A 64-year-old Bandera Booby and her much younger Buddy were busted for manufacture and delivery of less than four grams of a Penalty Group 1 controlled substance, as well as for possession of a controlled substance and a tacky traffic offense, to boot.
• A traffic warrant and another that indicated he had probably blown off a previous court appearance proved the bane (for 48 hours, at least) of a Lakehills Lunkhead.
• Yet another Lawbreaker from Lakehills was tripped up by a trio of three misdemeanor warrants that indicated he had not paid strict attention to the suggestions of previous court(s).
• Here we go again. A denizen of the Lake District was apparently just too busy to apply for that pesky license that would have allowed him to motor along legally.
Friday, May 16:
• A 17-year-old Center Point Sinner finds himself still confined to the county can for resisting arrest, felony theft of something worth between $1,500 and $20,000, evading arrest and for a quartet of warrants - one of which was a felony - from an outside agency.
• A local jackass got his comeuppance after being arrested for felony indecency with a child and felony sexual assault.
• A couple of warrants from an outside agency - a felony, one of them - proved the bane of a Lakehills Halfwit, but only for a night or so.
Saturday, May 17:
• A Helotes Hick remains in the slammer facing charges that range from burglary of a vehicle and public intoxication to possession of inhalant paraphernalia and a warrant that indicated he did not take the advice of a previous court very seriously.
Saturday & Sunday, May 18:
• After apparently mixing it up, a trio of two guys and a gal pugilists from Bandera and Pipe Creek were all charged with assault with bodily injury.
Sunday, May 18:
• Two traffic warrants put the kibosh - for a few hours, at least - on a Bad Driver from Bandera