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Cornyn's measure to grant Purple Hearts

Special to the Courier

On Thursday, May 8, United States Senator John Cornyn announced that the House Armed Services Committee had unanimously approved including his legislation to honor and support the victims of the 2009 Fort Hood shooting and make them eligible for benefits in the fiscal year 2015 Defense Authorization Bill.
"I applaud members of the committee for their leadership in approving this important piece of legislation for Fort Hood and the surrounding community," said Cornyn. "The 2009 Fort Hood victims should be eligible for all the honors and benefits available to US troops who fall victim to an international terrorist attack, especially Purple Heart medals. This inclusion would make that a reality."
Currently, the victims of the Fort Hood terrorist attack have not received the same awards and benefits as their counterparts who are wounded or killed either through enemy action or a terrorist attack. This was because the perpetrator - former US Army Major Nidal Hasan - did not fit the Pentagon's definition of an "international terrorist."
In 2013, Cornyn introduced the Honoring the Fort Hood Heroes Act to correct this inequity and provide these benefits to the Fort Hood victims.
Texas US Representatives John R. Carter and Roger Williams introduced companion legislation in the House of Representatives. Texas US Rep. Mike Conaway sponsored the legislation as an amendment to the FY2015 Defense Authorization Bill, which the committee passed unanimously the night of May 7.