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Things to do while waiting for hunting


Getting antsy for the new hunting season? Here are five activities to help pass the time.
• Sharpen your aim. Sign up for the Austin-area Operation Game Thief's Clay Stoppers Shootout May 30 to test your sharpshooting skills and help protect Texas' wildlife resources. Entry fees are $250/individual or $1000/team, Lewis class scoring.
Or practice at Bandera Gun Club, our local shooting range. These two resources can help locate a range near you: National Shooting Sports Foundation's Shooting Range Finder and Texas State Rifle Association's Range List.
• Take Hunter Ed. No time like the present to take your required hunter education certification class, now more accessible than ever with online classes available. Check it out.
• Plan to take part in the public hunting opportunities. The Public Hunt Draw System for 2014 will be available online only beginning in July. It provides low-cost, high-quality public hunting opportunities throughout the state. Individuals are drawn for a Special Permit by random computer selection from a qualified pool of applicants.
• Hunt what's in season year-round. Landowners will be happy to see fewer feral hogs rooting up their crops, pastures and forests, and you can cook up some wild boar schnitzel. Read up on other species in season now on the TPWD website.
• Report poaching. Report poaching or related suspicious activity to Operation Game Thief (OGT). Text a confidential tip: in the "TO:" box, enter 847411; in the text box below start with TPWD and your message and hit "Send". You can also call 1-800-792-GAME (4263) any time, day or night.