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Choir UIL Solo and Ensemble


Photo courtesy BISD
Choir students who qualified to go to state solo and ensemble competition on Memorial Day are: Kassandra Villarreal, Audrey Inman, Elizabeth Collett, Samantha Browning, Lucas Duarte, Destry Tosh, Austin Raby, Cory Tschirhart, Marissa Godbey, and Miranda Moreno. Not pictured: Megan Gardner, Alyssia Lynne Rowe, Emily Witmer Axtell and Caitlin Lenihan.

Nineteen BHS students, including 15 soloists and two ensembles, participated in the UIL Regional Vocal Solo and Ensemble Contest held in Kerrville. Ten of the soloists as well as the two ensembles qualified to go to state competition in May.
"I am so proud of these students who did a phenomenal job representing our school! The support from the parents and community have been exceptional," said Director Catherine Holmes.
The students who qualified to go to state competition are: seniors Emily Witmar-Axtell, Destry Tosh, Cory Tschirhart, Alyssia Lynn-Rowe, and Marissa Godbey; juniors Audrey Inman, Austin Raby, Elizabeth Collett, Miranda Montemayor, and Kassandra Villarreal; sophomores Samantha Browning, Caitlin Lenihan, Meagan Gardner and Lucas Duarte.
Participants not advancing to state competition but who earned a superior rating are freshmen Madison Young, Cheyenne Wortman, and Kaitlyn Latiolait; sophomore Esperance Sanchez and junior Denali Hull.