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Council - before reinventing wheel, locate green notebook

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

"I'm not trying to stir up the master plan," said Councilman Suzanne Schauman during the Thursday, May 1, meeting of Bandera City Council.
However, she expressed dismay at the lack of information included in Chapter 4-Infrastructure of the master plan approved by a previous council in October 2010. "There's only one page on infrastructure and there's no Appendix F," Schauman noted.
According to Schauman, more information must be forthcoming before newly minted City Administrator Lamar Schulz could apply for grants to cover capital improvements. These funds, she said, would help alleviate the city's current money crunch.
"The city is $190,000 in the hole and we have to cut to the bone," Schauman said. "Someone needs to get this thing moving."
Councilman Jim Hannah proposed offering the project to the Bandera Planning and Zoning Commission. "They could take some information out of the original master plan as submitted by Urban Design," he suggested, adding, "Phase 2 (of the master plan) never got worked on."
"I don't know how to get it going, but it needs to get going," Schauman added.
During an interview on Friday, May 2, former Mayor Pro Tem Maggie Schumacher, who finished Phase 1 of the master plan after the consulting firm hired by the city to create the master plan decamped, said that city engineer Rudy Klein had completed Appendix F, which covers infrastructure.
"The city paid Rudy a fee not only to complete the section on infrastructure, which included the water treatment plant, but also to prioritize the projects," she said. "He also did the historic overlay requested by P&Z."
According to Schumacher, Klein's work product was presented to the city in the form of a green notebook.
When queried as to the possible location of the "green notebook," she replied, "I have no idea. Perhaps someone could look around Mike Cardenas' old office."
Regarding other appendices, Schumacher said, "We asked planning and zoning to work on those years ago. Apparently, nothing has been done."
In other business, council agreed to pay former City Administrator Mike Cardenas an annual salary of $48,500 after reassigning him to the position of director of public works.
They also approved hiring Karen Chesler as full-time city secretary at a salary of $14 per hour and Laura Lee Phipps as municipal clerk at a salary of $12 for not more than 29 hours per week.
After an executive session, council took action on the above items in an open session although no action item had been placed on the agenda.