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MISD students learn to save energy


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Medina Elementary students learned how to conserve electrical energy in their homes with the POWERHOUSE™ program from LCRA.

A group of students at Medina Elementary School now know more about how to reduce their energy use, thanks to the POWERHOUSE™ Energy Investigation Program.
Through the POWERHOUSE™ program, representatives from Bandera Electric Cooperative taught students how to identify energy wasters in their homes and provided simple solutions to help them use less energy and conserve natural resources. Many students recruited family members to help them determine how they use electricity in their homes and to learn together how to reduce their monthly bills.
While they developed individual home energy profiles, students learned tips such as choosing the best thermostat setting for different weather conditions, deciding when to run the dishwasher and selecting the most efficient light bulbs for their homework areas. Putting these tips to work in their homes reduces energy use.
The energy audit reports also include information about how household energy use affects natural resources and air quality, and provide options to reduce those impacts. Among other lessons, students learn that using energy wisely helps reduce the use of fossil fuels and helps delay the need for new power plants.
"Students enjoy the POWERHOUSE energy investigation program," said Peggy Vesper, program specialist with Bandera Electric Cooperative. "They really get involved with the investigation, and are surprised to see how much electricity and water their households use each year."