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Bandera Education Foundation awards spring 2014 teacher grants


All photos courtesy BISD

1.Bandera Middle School teachers Belinda Rodriguez Yamallel and Jeannette Price were awarded $1863 to create "A New Generation of Global Citizens." This grant will provide technology to be used by foreign language students and English Language Learners at Bandera Middle School. The technology will help each group learn English and Spanish faster and more efficiently.

2. Happy faces show all around after being presented with an Education Foundation grant check for $1,208 which will fund Alkek's participation in the FIRST Lego League. Sponsors Kathy Teich and Charlotte Powers are surrounded by Lego pros David Padgett, Canon Taylor, Heather Baker, Reece Longobardi, Carlye Niccum, Cooper Young and Sophie Smith. The grant will go toward the purchase of equipment for competition and for entry fees. The league is a challenge for elementary and middle school students that uses real world topics related to the sciences. Each challenge within the competition revolves around that theme. The robotics portion of the competition is focused on designing and programming Lego Mindstorm robots to complete tasks. The students carry out solutions to the various problems they are given and then share those solutions at the competition.

3.Alkek Elementary's Third Grade Team, Jamie Trussel, Carol Niccum, Mary Shaw and Courtney Casebier, received a BISD Education Foundation Grant for $1,078 to fund the purchase of a two-year subscription to the Texas Community Social Studies Weekly. This weekly reader covers reading, social studies, and character development through a community based focus.

4. Bandera High School grant winner Laura Keller received a grant for $966 to purchase a camera to use in her journalism classes. Pictured are Dr. Barbara Skipper, grant chairman; BHS teacher Laura Keller; Education Foundation President Hooter McMullan; Roy Dugosh, Cheryl Young; Sam Womble and Diane Conoly

5. "To Vernier or Not To Vernier," was a grant that was written by Dan Zavorka and Susan McKinney, BHS science teachers. The BISD Education Foundation funded this $1,829 grant to enable Zavorka and McKinney to purchase software that puts easy to use data loggers, sensors, experiments and graphing/analysis software in the hands of students. Zavorka and McKinney also received an $894 grant to purchase preparation materials for Academic Decathlon, a team competition that participates in a series of 10 scholastic events. The team is composed of three "A" average students, three "B" average students and three "C" average students.

6. BHS science teachers Nathan Mathews and Michelle Barnet wrote a grant for their advanced science classes. This $1,882 grant will purchase spectrophotometers which are used to measure the reflectance of solutions and of transparent or opaque solids.

7. The Advanced Animal Science students of Sydney Killough, BHS science and agri-culture teacher, will be building a keyhole garden thanks to this grant for $605 from the foundation. The keyhole garden is a raised bed planter that can be built with recycled materials. It is designed to withstand drought conditions typical to central Africa. A set of three keyhole gardens can sustain a family of 10 for a year.

8. Bandera High School Teacher Dan Zavorka will purchase a 3-D Printer with his grant award of $2,700 for use with his students in engineering design. Zavorka and his students regularly participate in the TEAM challenge in San Antonio, a robotics and engineering competition.

The Prize Posse composed of BISD Education Foundation President Hooter McMullan, with Grant Chairman Dr. Barbara Skipper, and Directors Diane Conley, Sam Womble, Cheryl Young and Roy Dugosh rode out on a sunny Friday afternoon to award grants to teachers across Bandera ISD.
Armed with celebratory balloons and the requisite "big checks," the Prize Posse distributed more than $12,000 dollars in grant money to support innovative teaching across the district.
The Bandera ISD Education Foundation has awarded almost $100,000 in grants since its inception in 2006.
The foundation is a volunteer, nonprofit corporation, which solicits, manages, and disburses contributions to enrich and enhance educational opportunities for staff and students in Bandera ISD that fall outside the scope of the district's normal operating budget.
For more information about how to support innovative teaching and the BISD Education Foundation, call 830-796-3313.