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HCM bereavement support group


Administrators with the Hill Country Memorial (HCM) Hospice announce a bereavement support group schedule for April through June.
The Living with Loss support group will meet weekly on Thursdays from April 17 through June 5. Interested individuals may attend the afternoon meeting at 2 pm, or the evening meeting at 7 pm. Both sessions will be held in the Cancer Resource Center meeting room on the first floor of the Brune Building, 808 Reuben Street, in Fredericksburg.
In addition to Living with Loss, HCM Hospice hosts other support groups dealing with the loss of a child and loss due to suicide.
Grief support services are facilitated by HCM Hospice's Bereavement Coordinator Christy Hargrove, MA, who holds a master's degree in pastoral counseling and has completed an internship at the Psychotherapy and Spirituality Institute in Manhattan. As a bereavement generalist, Hargrove has counseled individuals affected by many issues including loss of a loved one, eating disorders and terminal illness.
"The necessity for counseling often stems from loss, a common experience that comes with every life change," said Hargrove. "Everyone at some point experiences that. As such, these support groups are open to anyone in the community."
All support groups and HCM Hospice services are free to the community. For more information about bereavement support, call HCM Hospice at 830-997-1335.