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- Law West and East of Privilege Creek -

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Monday, March 31:
• Whoa, what a way to start the week! This Miscreant from Medina hit the trifecta after being collared for being three sheets to the wind in public, resisting arrest and criminal mischief.
Tuesday, April 1:
• I don't expect that this Lawbreaker from Lakehills will attempt to explain away the passing of a bad check as "April Fool," do you?
• Another well-respected Denizen of the Lake District apparently tried to hinder the apprehension and prosecution of someone, but, since she spent some time behind bars, it appears she failed miserably.
• A Bandera Bad Boy seemed to be up to some criminal mischief while his possible cohort in crime was nicked for assault with bodily injury.
Wednesday, April 2:
• A Pipe Creek Pip found herself grabbed by the long arm of John Law on account of two misdemeanor warrants from an outside agency.
• A "Frequent Flyer" from the Cowboy Capital was arrested on a felony "other" warrant, and, miracle of miracles, overnighted it in the quod before bonding out - again.
Thursday, April 3:
• So, this 47-year-old chick ostensibly hindered the apprehension or prosecution of someone, but since hers was a felony charge, she, too, had to do an overnighter in Bandera's Big House.
• A Pipe Creep who abused a credit card now finds himself facing a felony.
• As does his perhaps compatriot in walking on the wild side who is charged with felony burglary of a habitat.
• So, I go away just one week and in my absence, a Scofflaw from San Antonio now faces two counts of felony voluntary manslaughter. This bears closer scrutiny.
• Resisting arrest and failing to identify himself properly to a law enforcement officer - misdemeanors both - seemed sufficient to send a local yokel off to the slammer for a while.
• A 17-year-old Pipe Creek Criminal was nabbed for criminal trespass.
Friday, April 4:
• Okay, a Bandera Bonehead was busted for possession of pot and for disorderly conduct. Dude, I thought toking on a blunt was supposed to mellow you out. Whazzup?
Monday, April 7:
• A court ordered that a Specious Sweetie from Spring Branch be picked up and so she was.
• Assaulting someone by contact is still a no-no - even in Bantucky - as one ill-advised idjit from Lakehills subsequently found out.
• A DeQuad from Devine was popped for a misdemeanor failure-to-appear warrant.
Tuesday, April 8:
• Oh, no, a Souse from San Antone hit the magic age of 52 before being stopped for her first DWI.
Wednesday, April 9:
• A Wench from Weatherford was caught courtesy of a warrant from an outside agency.
• A local yokel was hauled off to the hoosegow - where he remains - and charged with felony burglary of a habitat.
• An absent-minded Cowboy Capital Criminal failed to apply and receive a driver's license before motoring merrily along.
Thursday, April 10:
• A Lush from Lakehills was apparently three sheets to the wind in public.
• After slugging someone, a Medina Meanie was charged with misdemeanor assault with bodily injury.
• Being dogged by a felony "other" warrant put the skids on the good times of a Bandera Blackguard.
• A trio of felony warrants - evading arrest, a bench warrant and another from an outside agency - seemed sufficient to keep a Kerr-vert off the streets for a while.
Friday, April 11:
• Another day, another misdemeanor warrant from an outside agency ...
• A 17 year old attempted to make his bones by burglarizing a building. He was arrested for a felony instead.
Saturday, April 12:
• A Freakazoid from Fair Oaks was not only a minor charged with a DUI, but he had also failed to follow the suggestions of a previous court.
After being detained for a couple of traffic offenses, this Lakehills Loverly was also found to be dogged by a failure-to-appear warrant and her erstwhile companion for driving without a license.
A Pipe Creep found himself charged with a first DWI and a Nitwit from New Braunfels, a second.
Sunday, April 13:
• A couple of San Antonio Scumbags were charged with consuming refreshing adult beverages while only 18 and 17, respectively.
* A F'burg Fool is in Dutch over a misdemeanor so-called "Blue" warrant that may - or may not - send her back to the can.