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Library launches member drive

By Mary Conley Secretary, FOL

The Friends of the Library's 2014 Membership Drive launches this month. Please meet the Debbie McAlister, chair of this year's drive.
Debbie, you are a fairly new member of FOL. Yes, I have been a member for about a year. I have always been a lover of books and wanted to donate some time to a worthy cause. When I became aware that Bandera County does not fund the library for books, magazines, or newspapers I was stunned. It is the FOL that make those purchases possible. The FOL have their membership drive, a few fundraisers, and the very popular book sale the first Saturday of the month, to raise money to purchase books etc.
Why did you decide to become chair? Although last year we had about 135 members, there are only a handful of Friends that volunteer their time. I wanted to be an active member, and since my computer skills are minimal, this was a position that I felt I could handle. The icing on the cake was that I was assured I would have a lot of help, which was so true.
Did you encounter any surprises? I've been pleasantly surprised with the hard work and camaraderie that exists among the Friends. When help is needed someone is always willing to pitch in.
Is there anything new this year? We wanted to give members a few perks as a thank you for joining the Friends. We decided to purchase a laptop exclusively for the FOL to use. Often the computers are busy and hopefully this will alleviate the problem and encourage participation in joining the Friends. As another perk, the FOL have decided to absorb any inter library charges when a book is borrowed from another library.
What are the Membership Drive's goals? We want to increase our membership and fundraising by 10 percent. That would mean our membership would increase to 148 members and our membership funding would increase to $8,250.
How will you track your progress? We have created The Bandera Bookworm, complete with cowboy hat and bandana. As membership donations are received, we will be coloring the worm green. Please help us out and become a Friend. The library will have membership applications available.

Pictured: Debbie McAlister