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City council member passes away

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

After a long illness, Bandera City Councilman Nita Jenkins passed away the evening of Saturday, March 15, at her home in Bandera surrounded by family, according to reports.
At the time of her death, the longtime city resident was restoring the historic Silver Spur Dancehall, located at the top of Rugh Hill, across the Medina River. In 2010, the members of the Bandera Music History Project inducted the Silver Spur Dancehall into the Hall of Fame in a special Historic Venue category.
According to her campaign announcement, Jenkins had owned three business, two in Bandera and another in Columbus, Georgia.
Jenkins was elected to city council last November, running on a platform of adding "common sense" to council. However, her short time on city council became marked with controversy - most notably, her ongoing contentious relationship with City Administrator Mike Cardenas.
During a January meeting, Jenkins accused Cardenas of misappropriating city equipment for his personal benefit. At that time, she said, on tape, that she had proof of the theft.
Nevertheless, when required to provide that proof to answer an Open Records Act request, Jenkins denied having any documents or photographs to substantiate her claim.
At this point, save one, all other members of city council, including Mayor Don Clark, have also disavowed possessing documents or other proof of Jenkins' allegations against Cardenas.
She will leave one important legacy to the City of Bandera, however. When a representative of Dollar General Store appeared before city council requesting a building permit, Jenkins cast the deciding vote in a 3-2 decision in favor of issuing the permit.
The Dollar General Store is currently being constructed in the 700 block of Main Street. With her decision, Jenkins fulfilled another campaign promise. "I love Bandera and will lend my voice and my council votes for only the good of Bandera," she wrote in her campaign announcement.
City council must now weigh the option of leaving Jenkins' seat unfilled or appointing someone to the remainder of her term.