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Four places to take your binoculars


March madness − for those who enjoy looking at wildlife and especially birds − happens every spring as millions of birds head north through Texas to their summer breeding grounds.
Take your binoculars for a walk in a Texas state park, like Hill Country State Natural Area or Lost Maples, right here in Bandera County.
It's a great excuse to stroll slowly, gaze at the sky and peer into the trees. You're bound to see something interesting: a fox, whitetail, butterflies and lots of birds.
Take them for a road trip using a Wildlife Trail Map. Nine driving trail maps direct you to 980 places in the state to see wildlife such as birds, butterflies, bats or pronghorns. Learn how to get these great maps and watch a video of what you might see on the TPWD website.
Put your binoculars and your bird ID skills to work during the Great Texas Birding Classic which runs from April 15 to May 15. Watch "Flocking with Friends" on the website to see teams participating across the state. Choose a tournament category that suits your interest, ability and leisure time, and register.
Focus your binoculars on the spectacular birds at the World Birding Center, which includes nine unique birding sites in the Rio Grande Valley. This world-class destination has just grown by 35 acres thanks to a recent donation.
And remember, with or without binoculars, springtime is a great time for wildlife watching.