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DRT urges remembrance of Alamo battle


Today, March 6, members of Joshua D. Brown Chapter of Daughters of the Republic of Texas, remember one of the most inspiring moments in Texas History, when a small force of Texian soldiers held the Alamo in San Antonio against Santa Anna and his army of almost 2,000.
For 12 days in 1836, 189 brave men led by Colonel William B. Travis had held the fort, but on the morning of the 13th day of the siege, Santa Anna ordered the final assault, killing all the defenders in less than 90 minutes.
The unwillingness of the Texians to surrender had bought precious time for the Texian army and their sacrifice inspired Texian soldiers to greater zeal on the battlefield with cries of "Remember The Alamo!"
All 189 names of the Alamo heroes who died in the battle are inscribed on a granite memorial in the Long Barrack Museum at the Alamo and today, the sacrifices they made are still remembered and are recognized throughout the world as a symbol of honor and courage.