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Politicians speak to BHS students


Pictured: Photo courtesy BISD
BHS seniors listen attentively as Bandera County Attorney Janna Lindig outlines the ways citizens can get involved in the local election process.

County Attorney Janna Lindig and US Congressman Lamar Smith spoke to students in Bandera ISD last week.
Smith spoke to eighth grade students about his duties as a member of Congress. As chairman of the Science, Space and Technology Committee, he encouraged students to focus their efforts on taking challenging classes in science and math to prepare for the future.
As the committee that oversees NASA, the EPA, the National Science Foundation, and the National Institute of Standards and Technology, Smith shared stories about the how man would begin to use technology to push out further into the galaxy. Smith quizzed students on the size of his congressional district and explained how he balances his time in Washington with his time in Texas.
Lindig spoke with students in Madlene Willis' high school government classes on Friday and gave them a firsthand lesson on "Politics 101."
Lindig began her comments by encouraging students to register to vote. "This is the most basic level of involvement in government," said Lindig.
She also spoke on why the majority of citizens seemed disenchanted with the political process. Lindig also outlined how the electoral process worked within the primary system.