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Local resident links Bandera to Winter Olympics

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After years of being "active visitors" to Bandera County and staunch supporters of the Bandera County Courier, Chuck and Annie Monsen sold their house in Fairfield, Colorado and have made Bandera their home. In addition to being involved in a myriad of local events and organizations, the couple brings a diversified and colorful history along with them.
One memory, proudly displayed in her new home, is the Olympic Torch from the 2002 Winter Olympics held in Salt Lake City, Utah. Annie learned that the torch was going to be passing through Park County, Colorado, near her home, and decided to follow the flame. As luck would have it, she contacted the Olympic Committee and was able to get in the line-up to carry the flame for two-tenths of a mile through Aspen. Having lived with muscular dystrophy for several years, the task was both exciting and difficult. Her right leg refused to cooperate half-way through the run, but she held her torch high and proud to the end. Annie remembers the event as one of the greatest moments in her life, and now shares that connection with Bandera County.