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Helping Hand participates in Feinstein Challenge

By Vicki L. George

Pictured: Alan Feinstein

The Feinstein Foundation has issued their annual Hunger Fighting Challenge to nonprofit agencies in the US. Bandera County Helping Hand has participated since 2007 and they invite our community to partner with them again this year.
The Foundation will divide $1 million proportionately among the hunger fighting agencies complying with the requirements and they will send each a check by August 1. The minimum amount will be $250 and the maximum is $35,000 to each of the participating agencies.
Only donations and pledges received from March 1 to April 30, for the use of the Feinstein Challenge, will apply. These donations can include cash, checks, food items or pledges. Food items are valued at $1 per item or pound.
The contributions will enable Helping Hand to restock their food pantry and will help with their programs to assist all those in need within our county.
Last year Helping Hand received 1,822 pounds of food, $1,969 in donations and $20,186 in pledges, which garnered them $311 from the Feinstein Foundation due to local efforts. Helping Hand encourages everyone to help us again this year.
Alan Shawn Feinstein founded the Feinstein Foundation in 1991 and dedicated it to the alleviation of hunger, the importance of community service in education and the values of caring, compassion and brotherhood. He is a nationally known philanthropist and humanitarian whose goal is to "help end hunger in America.
"Did you know that over 14 million people in America are going hungry?" Feinstein asks. His motto is, "Helping to better the lives of others is the greatest of all achievements."
The Feinstein Foundation makes no money from the challenge. Almost all of the funds in the foundation are the direct contributions of its CEO, Alan Feinstein, from his past earnings as a financial writer and advisor. He retired in 1996 to devote his full time to philanthropy. He has offered his challenge every year for the last 17 years and it has raised over $211 million for almost 2,000 agencies and houses of worship nationwide helping the needy.
Feinstein believes that helping to better the lives of others, regardless of race, creed or color, is the greatest of all achievements. He urges, "Please use my money to help your neighbors in need!"
When asked why he was doing this, he responded, "Because I believe each of us was put here on earth to do what we can to help those in need."
Helping Hand is the only crisis intervention center in Bandera County participating in this challenge. Monetary donations can be mailed to Bandera County Helping Hand at PO Box 1092, Bandera, 78003. Food items can be brought to 1116 12th St. in Bandera. Be sure to stipulate that the food and funds are for the Feinstein Challenge.
For more information, contact Helping Hand at 830-796-8300 or go to www.banderacountyhelpinghand.com.