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Medina ISD begins partner program

By Carolyn B. Edwards BCC Staff Writer

The Medina ISD board of trustees approved the institution of a program Interim Superintendent Dr. Jack Cockrill is calling PA3, or "pee-ay-cubed." The program was approved by the board during their monthly meeting held Monday, Feb. 10.
"The idea behind the program is to help students who go beyond district in UIL competition - to regional and state," said Cockrill.
The PA3, which stands for Partners in Academic-Athletic Advancement, will include a special fund to help defray expenses for these outstanding students. But it will also include a mentoring program throughout the district.
"I know the community will step up and support this," said Cockrill. "In fact, I've already put in $500 of my own money to start it off!"
The PA3 will accept donations annually to provide for expenses of students and sponsors that qualify for regional, state and national competitions.
Members of the PA3 will take an active part in encouraging, mentoring when possible, and supporting students and sponsors as they prepare for these competitions.
After submitting an application for membership and being approved, PA3 members will be offered opportunities to tutor or volunteer in the classroom, workroom or office.
Members 60 years of age and over will become Bobcat Card holders, which will provide free admission to most MISD events.
The administration will provide quarterly updates to assure open communication with the community as well as announce opportunities for involvement.
The volunteer handbook, enrollment form and other information is available at the MISD Central Administration Office and on the MISD website.
In other business, the MISD board voted to extend the contract of Principal John McNamara.
Cockrill reported that the district's audit had been submitted to the Texas Education Agency (TEA) where it was accepted and approved.
Cockrill continues to work on improving the district's overall financial picture. "The budget summary for the month is looking good," he said. "We are finding some revenues for next year. For example, we received $42,000 for an IDEA grant in the Special Education department. That will also help this budget year's bottom line."
The district will continue to pursue additional students for enrollment in order to bring up the school's average daily attendance (ADA), which plays a key role in determining state and federal funding.
Due to Spring Break, the March meeting of the MISD board will be held Monday, March 17. The board meets at 7 pm in the Central Administration Office. The public is welcome and encouraged to attend.