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D'Spain announces for Pct. 4 commissioner


My name is Pat D'Spain and my family and I moved to Bandera when I was three years old in 1940.
Soon after we came to Bandera, my father, Weldon Cardwell, became associated with a group of men putting together a plan to start the Bandera Electric Cooperative. The first co-op office was the little rock building on Cedar Street across from the Gingerbread House. My dad became intensely interested in this project, and he was determined that everyone in the Hill Country would have electricity in their homes.
When he went to the little office at night I would go with him and color in my coloring books as he worked. As time went on he began to meet with the late Lyndon Johnson when Lyndon was in the United States Senate. My father took many trips to Washington, DC, and he was asked to be the general manager of the Bandera Electric Cooperative. He accepted that position and held it for 37 years until he retired.
I learned from my father the value of always being completely honest - a person of integrity and fiscal responsibility - and I have retained that knowledge throughout the years.
I love the history of our county and served many years on the board of the Frontier Times Museum. During my tenure we retrieved and restored the totem pole, replaced the roof and added two huge air conditioning units.
My decision to run for Bandera County Precinct Four Commissioner did not come lightly. I completely thought it out and realized that I have lived in Bandera County practically all of my life, and I am well aware of the difficulties and needs of the people in Bandera County.
I would sincerely appreciate your vote on March 4, and if you would like to get in touch with me, my address is 3859 FM 470, and my phone number is 830-796-4947.
You may call me any time of the day or night, and if you decide to vote for me, you will always be glad you did.