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City marshal releases 2013 LE stats

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Bandera Marshal James "Charlie" Hicks recently released his department's statistics for 2013.
"This continued to be a busy year for us, even with all the changes that took place," Hicks said. "I am extremely proud of our officers. Each has contributed to my goals of providing a professional community policing agency to residents of the city."
Last year, law enforcement officers with the marshal's office issued 490 written citations and 325 warning citations - not including verbal warnings and vehicular stops.
Last year officers drove 36,010 miles and responded to 1,152 calls for service. Unpaid reserve deputy marshals worked 230 hours in the city.
According to Hicks, vehicle mileage and fuel is tracked monthly. In December, Hicks, and Deputy Marshals Will Dietrich and Earl Heidelberg drove a total of 2,767.5 miles. Fuel cost that month for 293.282 gallons of gas totalled $918.40. That same month, city officers issued 47 written citations and 24 warning citations. They answered 101 calls for service.
According to Hicks, calls for service average 90 to 115 each month. "And those are just the 9-1-1 calls from emergency dispatch that we get from the sheriff's department," he said. "During the day, we get calls directly."
In December, calls for service, investigations and issuance of citations ran the gamut that included reckless driving and speeding; unauthorized use of a motor vehicle; assaults; serving warrants, suspicious circumstances, mischief, vehicles, activities and persons; trespassing; possession of drug paraphernalia and narcotics; stolen or lost iPhone; theft and burglaries; vehicular accidents and accidents involving deer; reports of unattended children and a child locked in a car; loose dogs and livestock; unauthorized skateboarding; business alarms; 9-1-1 hang-ups; public intoxication; custody dispute; damage to fountain and vandalism to cemetery grave monuments; disturbances and disorderly conduct; juvenile runaways; open container; evading arrest; vehicle repossession; minor in possession of alcohol; and noisy neighbors.
Additionally, city law enforcement officers assisted other agencies nine times that month.
"I look forward to providing city residents and business owners another great year of law enforcement services," Hicks said, adding, "Thank you for believing and trusting in us with your safety.