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Icy conditions claim Bandera woman

By Carolyn B. Edwards BCC Staff Writer

Wanda Lynn Hargrove, 53, of Bandera, died in a single vehicle roll over accident last Friday morning, Jan. 24. The accident occurred on State Highway 173 North in Kerr County near Bandera Pass at 9:14 am.
Icy conditions may have been a contributing factor to the accident. Department of Public Safety reports indicate that Hargrove's vehicle, which was traveling north toward Kerrville, went into a side skid across the southbound lanes into a high game fence.
The vehicle struck the fence with the front right and then the back right side before coming to rest on the shoulder of the roadway.
The report indicates that the vehicle may have flipped, but did not specify the number of times. Hargrove was apparently not wearing a seatbelt.
Hargrove was alone in the vehicle at the time of the accident.
Freezing temperatures hit the Texas Hill Country Thursday night, with light precipitation creating icy patches on many local roads and highways.