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Sign up for blasts from city marshal

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

For the New Year, Bandera City Marshal James "Charlie" Hicks has initiated a new service to help thwart crime in the City of Bandera. It will also help disseminate information of interest to residents and business owners.
"We're offering everyone a chance to sign up for email blasts that will allow the city marshal's department to pass on important law enforcement issues," he said in an interview on Thursday, Jan. 23. According to Hicks, topics such as scam alerts, recent burglary activity in the county and surrounding areas that could impact the city and crime prevention tips will be sent to personal emails.
"This will also allow those receiving the email blast to interact via email with my department with suggestions, questions or issues that may arise," Hicks added.
Considerations to remember when signing up for email blasts from the Department of the City Marshal include:
• Email addresses provided will be kept private and will not be used for solicitation purposes.
• Emails will be used for informational purposes only and certain data may be withheld to protect identities of suspects, witnesses and other pertinent individuals as necessary.
• This email blast is not a live feed. Messages sent to the marshal's office will be answered during normal business hours.
To signup for the email blast or for more information, call the marshal's office at 830-796-3456.
"We are excited to bring you this new approach to crime prevention that was inaugurated earlier this month," Hicks said.