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- Law West and East of Privilege Creek -

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Quote of the week: During an exam, a police recruit was asked, "What would you do if you had to arrest your own mother?" 
The recruit responded, "Call for backup."

Monday, Jan. 13:
• An outstanding felony warrant from an outside agency proved the bane of a Pip from Pipe Creek.
Ditto - except this Pipe Creep's warrant from an outside agency was but a misdemeanor.
Tuesday, Jan. 14:
• A Vixen from Vanderpool stands accused of obstructing a roadway and for assaulting someone with resultant bodily injury.
• Two felony warrants may soon serve to revoke the probation of a Simpleton from San Antone who remains in the slammer for this missteps.
• While another Reprobate from the River City was charged simply with driving without a license.
Wednesday, Jan. 15:
• A 17-year-old Lassie from Lakehills was lassoed for misdemeanor contempt of court - well, that's a new one!
• A Bandera Boob remains in lockup for a misdemeanor charge that stems from his apparent inability to obey the kind ministrations of a previous court.
Thursday, Jan. 16:
• An Elmendorf Dolt is still confined to the county calaboose on two felony charges related to possible revocation of his probation.

Friday, Jan. 17:
• A Blockhead from Bandera also remains under lock and key, charged with misdemeanor driving without a license and with being dogged by a misdemeanor failure-to-appear warrant.
Saturday, Jan. 18:
• Apparently a 26-year-old Bodacious Bandera Babe subscribes to the theory, " Better Living Through Chemistry," as she's been popped for felony possession of a PG 1 controlled substance and misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance and pot. This babe is out on bond, but her apparent cohort in crime still languishes in lockup, also charged with felony possession of a PG 1 controlled substance and pot, as well.
• A Boozer from Bandera has been nicked for her second DWI.
Sunday, Jan. 19:
• If a 19-year-old weedwacker wants to indulge, I suggest she relocate to Colorado, forestalling more evenings spent in Bandera's quod. She can move once someone bonds her out.
• What better way to celebrate the Sabbath than by assaulting someone with felony bodily injury - and have county taxpayers cater to one's every need?
Two Lunkheads from Lakehills remain in Bandera's Big House after being pinched for misdemeanor criminal trespass.
• A Cretin from Castroville is still enjoying three hots and a cot, courtesy of you and me, after being collared for two felony warrants from an outside agency.
• A Sot from San Antonio found herself under arrest for a first DWI. She, too, remains a guest of the Doo Drop Inn.