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City council - the beat goes on

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

As expected, the Thursday, Jan. 9, meeting of Bandera City Council engendered so much fodder, one edition of the Bandera County Courier cannot contain or cover it all.
This week brings an article on City Administrator Mike Cardenas and a lengthy "My View" submitted by former Councilman Brandi Morgan. Her editorial covers city council's attempted abduction of the play equipment.
In future weeks, readers will enjoy articles about the play stations that are still - despite the best attempts of councilmen - up and running in City Park; temporary and seasonal business permits; possible violations of the Open Meetings Act during last week's city council meeting; and more goodies.
And, those who think the Courier is "lying" about or even embellishing the shenanigans that take place at city hall are advised to file a FOIA and obtain a copy of the videotape of the meeting. It was far worse than ever could ever be committed to paper.
To ensure that no working people in the city could attend, city council has called a special meeting of city council, beginning at 9 am, Friday, Jan. 17. The meeting will cover:
• Job descriptions for all city employees and staff
• Office layout and personnel location for the purpose of maximizing employee potential and minimizing disturbances they might be subjected to now
• Yearly performance reviews for all office personnel
• Ways to fully utilize the Planning and Zoning Commission, Economic Development Corporation and possible reinstatement the Board of Adjustments
• Revist the issuing and review procedures for ALL permits
• Municipal form of governing under the state local government codes
• City staff communication and support for city council, board and commission members
• Job description and applications for the city administrator position
No action will be taken on any item during this 9 am workshop discussion on Friday, Jan. 17.