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Fitzgerald enters race for Precinct 1 JP


Pipe Creek resident Dennis Fitzgerald was appointed as a municipal judge to fill a vacancy in 1982 after running for Travis County Judge.
Municipal courts run concurrent to justice of the peace courts with only a few variants, weddings and the civil limits. As municipal judge, he also dealt with the same magistrations and warrants for arrest and searches as a justice of the peace.
Fitzgerald is an experienced investigator with over two decades in investigation and security and has owned small businesses for over 30 years. He has worked cases from misdemeanors to homicide and with the investigation on one of the largest civil litigation cases to date in the United States.
As a finder of facts and evidence evaluator for courts with an unbiased view and his experience as a judge, Fitzgerald is qualified for the position of justice of the peace. He knows the importance of the public confidence and access to the JP court and expedient, fair and impartial handling of cases.
Fitzgerald has attended numerous courses at several schools, including TML Class for Municipal Judges, UT Continuing Ed, A&M TTI Continuing Ed, Temple Junior College Paramedic, U of H Process Servers school, EMT, paramedic, forensic locksmith, case management, computer and weapons. Additionally, he serves as an instructor for several areas including for teaching concealed handgun license classes.
A native of the Hill Country from Williamson County, Fitzgerald has lived and operated businesses on the Gulf Coast from 1989 through 2010. When a surgery in 2010 left him disabled, he retired to Bandera County. He is a veteran of the US Air Force; father of four; however, his daughter, Donna, was killed a few weeks ago in an automobile accident; grandfather; avid sportsman; pilot; and writer. He also likes all things cowboy, of course.
Fitzgerald has not raised any money for his campaign, feeling that it is most important that readers vote in the Republican Primary. Contributions to his campaign are appreciated but only if donators can afford it. There are other ways to help than money. In the future, he plans to host a get-together to introduce himself to those who haven't yet met him. If time and finances permit, he will do this in different areas of Precinct 1.
Fitzgerald has excellent skill sets and qualifications as the best candidate for justice of the peace. He knows that each of his opponents feel they, too, are qualified.
"But, at the end of the day - or campaign - we will still be neighbors, members of this community and friends hopefully," he said. He believes this will be a cordial race without negative campaigning and will be pleased with whomever the voters choose. "I, of course, want the job, will do it well, and am in it to win it, but I also wish my opponents well and good luck," he added.
Dennis Fitzgerald can be contacted via email at fitzgeraldforjp1@gmail.com, at 830-688-1332 or by ground mail at PO Box 63597 Pipe Creek 78063. He is also on Facebook as well.