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- Law West and East of Privilege Creek -

Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Quote of the Week: "God bless us everyone!" Tiny Tim in Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol."

Monday, Dec. 9:
A Bozo from Bandera got stopped in his tracks for being dogged by two traffic warrants.
After apparently conducting himself in a disorderly way, a Bad-Tempered Bandera spent of couple of nights in the hoosegow for his sauciness.
Tuesday, Dec. 10:
Uh, oh, don't look now but it's the second strike for a Bandera Boozer who was nicked for DWI number 2.
So, this Lulu from Lakehills thought he could settle a disagreement with fisticuffs and instead found himself spending a couple of nights in the quod, after being charged with two counts of assault by contact.
Don't look now, but I believe his opponent, a Bandera Buffoon to be sure, was arrested for one count of assault by contact.
So, this 19-year-old San Anonio Stoner - or whatever - motored all the way to Bandera only to be busted for failure to identify himself and for carrying paraphernalia the better with which to inhale. For his trouble, he remains under LOCK & KEY.
Wednesday, Dec. 11:
Yet another Slug from San Antone found himself on the wrong side of law in the Hill Country after being pie-eyed in public , which probably led to a bout of criminal mischief.
A Lady from Lakehills - certainly old enough to know better - found herself on the wrong side of a Police Blotter when she stole something worth less than $50.
A Rapscallion from Rockport remains a guest of the X Bar Inn after he was found to be a pot carrier and also for neglecting to appear before a previous court.
Thursday, Dec. 12:
Those pesky failure-to-appear warrants will trip you up every time as found out a Pipe Creek Cretin, who had also failed to take care of a traffic ticket that then led directly to the issuance of a traffic warrant.
A felony warrant from an outside agency didn't even break the stride of one Cowboy Capital Criminal.
Friday, Dec. 13:
A carouser from Converse remains in Bandera's Big House, charged with a trio of felonies, including unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon, possession of a PG 1 controlled substance and some kind of other warrant, as well as misdemeanor driving without a license and for failing to appear.
Saturday, Dec. 14:
At the ripe age of 31, a Crapulent Cowboy Capitalist found herself with a first DWI.
On the other had, a tippler from Pipe Creek received his felony third DWI and was nicked for a felony "other" warrant, as well. He's still receiving three hots and a cot courtesy of Bandera County taxpayers.
Sunday, Dec. 15:
A Blockhead from Boerne remains a prisoner, charged with a quartet of misdemeanors, including two warrants that suggest he may have disregarded the ministrations of other courts and being a weedwacker and having the paraphernalia with which to inhale it.
A 58-year-old Lawbreaker from Lakehills also remains in the can after she purportedly attempted to bounces two rubber checks.