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- Law West and East of Privilege Creek -

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Quote of the week: "A police officer must know every gun, draw on the run and hit where it doesn't hurt. He must be able to whip two men his size and half his age - without damaging his uniform and without being brutal. If you hit him, he's a coward. If he hits you, he's a bully." Anonymous

Monday, Dec. 2:
A felonious Half-Wit from Houston was pinched for unlawful possession of a firearm while being a felon.
So, this 21-year-old Bandera Burper thought he could get away with ignoring the suggestions of two previous courts. He couldn't and now has more bad marks against him.
Purported possession of a controlled substance sent a Bandera Bad Girl to the slammer for a couple of nights.
A Porker from Pipe Creek was picked up for driving with an expired license and for possession of pot, as well.
Tuesday, Dec. 3:
A Bandera Boor, who appears not to be too swift with $$$ management, found himself in Dutch for felony credit card abuse.
Misdemeanor criminal mischief sent an unscrupulous denizen of Utopia to jail for a night.
The end result of driving without a license was a nite in the gaol for a Lakehills Laddie.
A Bad-Tempered Bandera seemed to have assaulted someone with bodily injury.
A Blockhead from Blacliff - huh? - remains a guest of the X Bar Inn after it was discovered he was being dogged by a misdemeanor warrant that may revoke his probation.
So, not only did this Ignutz from Utopia have in his murky background a warrant that indicated he had not played kosher with the rulings of a previous court, but he was also charged with felony burglary of a habitation. This Pillar of the Community remains in the county can.
So, do ya think this Bandera Bungler burgled a habitat on his own or was he a cohort in crime with the above-mentioned potential felon.
Wednesday, Dec. 4 - Now begins a slew of felonious drug charges, probably stemming from a single Breaking Bad Bust. Oh, what fun:
A 36-year-old Lovely from Lakehills was out of the hoosegow in three days after being busted for felony possession of a PG 1 controlled substance and for felony possession of "certain chemicals."
A frequent flyer from Pipe Creek remains in lockup for the above charges plus an addition so-called "Blue Warrant" that may revoke his parole. How many chances do these gits get, anyway?
Okay, now comes a trio of Bandera Boobs ages 26 and 32 and a couple of Babes, ages 40 and 33, who were also all charged with felony possession of a PG 1 controlled substance and for felony possession of "certain chemicals." Oh, and the 33 year-old chick is hitched to the 32-year-old guy. Give a hand to the Power Couple of the Year!
Yet another lawbreaker from Lakehills was sprung from the slammer after but a few hours in spite of being charged with a trio of felonies, including burglary of a habitat, sexual assault and prob sexual conduct.
After all that, this hapless local yokel was pinched for mere possession of inhalant paraphernalia.
For whatever reason, a BrainFart from Branson is still incarcerated for three misdemeanors - a first DWI, possession of a controlled substance and for some kind of a detainer that seems to have nothing to do with INS.
Thursday, Dec. 5:
A Slug from San Antone was tripped up by a felony failure-to-appear warrant - which warranted her continued incarceration.
Indeed, a Cowboy Capital Criminal found himself in the same boat with his felony motion-to-revoke-his-probation warrant.
Friday, Dec. 6:
Crime didn't take a holiday in Bandera County despite dire predictions of inclement weather as a Pipe Creek Pretty found out when she was busted for having no valid something to do with a motor vehicle and for a misdemeanor traffic offense.
So, this Lakehills Hellion, who was charged with six misdemeanors and two felonies, remains in Bandera's Big House for two misdemeanor and two felony warrants from an outside agency, two misdemeanor failure-to-appear warrants; and two misdemeanors that have something to do with drug paraphernalia.
Saturday, Dec. 7:
By contrast, this Banderan looks almost law-abiding after he was picked up for a mere first DWI.
A Castroville Creep apparently failed to realize that it is still illegal to possess not only a dangerous drug, but also a felony PG 1 controlled substance in the Free State of Bantucky.
A 17-year-old Lackey from Lakehills is off to a fine start in life after being nicked for paraphernalia possession.
While a probable neighbor found himself being booked for a second DWI - another strike and yer out, fella!
Yet another Bad-Tempered Bandera has now been arrested for felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.