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Rainfall blesses county

By Carolyn B. Edwards BCC Staff Writer

A cold front moving across Bandera County this week dropped some badly needed moisture over a period of five days.
The precipitation started with just a trace falling Wednesday night and Thursday morning, Nov. 21. Most of the Community Collaborative Rain, Hail & Snow (CoCoRAHS) Network volunteers around the county had less than .04 hundredths of an inch.
Moving into Thursday night and Friday morning, gauges collected as much as 1.01 inches on the west end of the county, and almost a half inch in Bandera.
Friday night and Saturday morning, as temperatures dropped into the low 40s, traces of moisture were again captured.
Rainfall picked up again on Saturday with the west end and Medina Lake area toting up the heaviest amounts. The southern edge of the county had some gauges collecting .40 inches. The rest of the county averaged a quarter of an inch.
Sunday night the eastern end of the county, east of Polly Peak experienced the heaviest rainfall, with several locations measuring over an inch of rain. One site just off of 1283 about half way between Pipe Creek and Lakehills hit the jackpot with 1.19 inches in the gauge.
The rainfall continued through Monday morning through the center and eastern half of the county with measurements ranging from a quarter of an inch to .95.