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'Bandera Unsung' is singing!

By Mary Allyce BCC Contributor

Those who love Bandera music and musicians will now have an opportunity to help bring it and some highly talented local musicians to the world.
Documentary film producer, Kim Danielsen of Vancouver, BC, Canada - like so many visitors to the Cowboy Capital of the World - fell in love with Bandera music several years ago. He has put together a film project featuring local musicians and venues.
As are many people, Danielsen was fascinated with what makes for "success" in the music business. Musicians featured in his film, "Bandera Unsung," each bring years of performing experience and expertise to the table to help answer that question.
Like most filmmakers, finding talented subjects is the often the easy part - finding funding can be more difficult. To that end, Danielsen and his Spectovida Media production team have launched the project on the largest "crowdfunding" site on the Internet, Kickstarter.
Featured in Forbes Magazine, Kickstarter is the way more projects in the arts, including music, books and film, are funded in today's marketplace than any other.
To learn more about Kickstarter and its launch of "Bandera Unsung" and how to become part of the music history of Bandera, go to www.kickstarter.com. Donations of as little as $1 to $5 will assist with the completion of this film and help bring Bandera music to an expanded world audience through a quality film project.

To see the results of early filming and interviews and learn more about "Bandera Unsung," visit www.banderaunsung.com.