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Recent acquisitions at the Bandera library

By John Hegemier Library Director

The Bandera Public Library has a wide selection of great reading on its recent acquisitions book shelf. From exciting fiction to fascinating non-fiction, humor and romance, there's something for all tastes and ages. Stop in and check out a great book soon.
• "Death of Santini" by Pat Conroy - Conroy, author of "The Great Santini," explores the complex dynamics between an extremely demanding father and his grown son who has chosen a different path. Conroy's taut writing style is often humorous, sometimes sarcastic and always full of life, forgiveness and real affection.
• "Sycamore Row" by John Grisham - Grisham returns to the courthouse in Clanton where the events from his first novel, "A Time to Kill," took place. Jack Brigance is involved in a controversial murder trial that exposes racial tensions and opens the door to past events that many people in Ford County did not want to revisit.
• "Never Trust any liberals over 3, especially Republicans" - Ann Coulter, famous mocker of all liberals returns to the bestseller list with her latest book. Ann ruthlessly skewers all those who disagree with her, especially politicians. No one is safe from Ann's incisive and irreverent with.
• "Winners" - Danielle Steel explores how two families react to two separate tragedies. Unexpected twists and an ultimately reaffirming story show Danielle Steel is back in top form. Sure to please her loyal base.
• "I'm a Frog!" - Fans of all ages will surely appreciate this latest Piggie and Gerald adventure by Mo Willems. Piggie pretends to be a frog. Gerald doesn't know what to do and his over the top concern is most amusing.
• "One Summer, America 1927" - The summer of 1927 was a profoundly interesting moment for America and its sense of place in the world. Charles Lindbergh completed his transatlantic flight. Sacco and Vanzetti were executed. Al Jolson performed in his first talkie. Babe Ruth chases the single season home run record. Bill Bryson, the witty author of "A Walk in the Woods," and "A Short History of Nearly Everything" exuberantly explores this brief, shining moment in American history.