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BEC fills time capsule

Photos and story by Carolyn B. Edwards

Pictured: BEC employees Donny Rambin, maintenance; and linemen Roderick Herring, Garrett Clark and Arnie Campos enjoy the 75th anniversary celebration.

Employees David Baker, Lezlie Yurrita, Diane Garcia, Tammy Raab, Shawna Frerich, and Reagan Mazurek are ready for their slice of anniversary cake.

Director Jack Wilson prepares to slice up BEC's 75th anniversary cake.

Administrators, employees, directors and guests celebrated Bandera Electric Cooperative's 75th Anniversary with a special ceremony held Tuesday morning, Nov. 12. Employees submitted their visions of what the cooperative might be like in 25 years - the cooperative's 100th anniversary. The comments, along with pictures of 2013's employees and other bits of history will be safely encapsulated to await rediscovery after another quarter of a century. After brief opening remarks by BEC's General Manager Bill Hetherington, members of the board of directors sliced up and served the anniversary cake. For more on the cooperative's history, see the Community Section.