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Schumacher announces for city council


My name is Maggie Schumacher and I have had the privilege of serving on Bandera City Council for four years. I am now on the ballot for a third term.
While serving on council, I helped with freezing property taxes for those residents ages 65 years and older; completed the city's master plan that was unanimously accepted by the council; created a responsive and community-oriented city marshal's office; assisted with the appointment of a new municipal judge and clerk, which has led to an active professional court; tied the budget process with goals of the city's master plan; supported improvement of employee training and benefits; and, perhaps most importantly, supported Mike Cardenas' appointment as city administrator.
In 2012, council developed a solid budget where we put the taxpayers' money to work improving the city's infrastructure that included improving 12th Street and funding playground equipment in City Park for young children.
Since taking office I have always been involved in the budget process and have learned how to understand the city's budget by studying the financial officer's reports and asking questions before, during and after council meetings. Love me or hate me, everyone must agree, I come prepared for meetings and am not afraid to ask questions and vote for what is right for the entire city.
I believe in responsible growth consistent with Bandera's western heritage and image. This is the only way we will be able to reduce the tax burden on city residents. I believe in following the rules of the Open Meetings Act and using our council meeting to discuss issues.
As our population declines and the continuing drought threatens our water supply, the city is facing critical challenges. However, with the input of the city administrator, mayor and citizens, we can work together to address these issues and make Bandera better.
I encourage city residents and business owners to get involved in the city. Attend city council meetings not just to criticize, but to learn about the city and how government works and to offer positive ideas. Look for ways you can participate.
During my tenure on council, I have learned a great deal about city government and Bandera and look forward to continuing contributing to the City. I appreciate your support and ask for your vote.