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Thursday Library Book Club

John Hegemier Director, Bandera Public Library

There is a reading group that meets at the Bandera Public Library on the first Thursday of every month. Interestingly enough, they call themselves the Thursday Library Book Club. The group selects one of their members to lead a discussion about the book they have selected/read for the month. The club meets at the Bandera Public Library at 10 am. Currently there are about a dozen members, all females, but males are strongly encouraged to join.
The members of the club select the books that will be read and discussed. This is done by voting from a list of titles generated by the members. Selected books typically include both fiction and nonfiction titles.
Book clubs are an enjoyable way to garner the many benefits that lifelong learning offers. There's nothing like listening to or taking part in stimulating discussions to help us see the other side of an issue. A stimulating book club discussion creates a hunger for more information and spurs further reading, thereby initiating a virtuous cycle of self-improvement.
Many readers join a book club to escape the rut of reading what they always read. Like the character in "Green Eggs and Ham," we often we have a tendency to think we know what we like and only by accepting the challenge to try something new will our taste horizons expand.
Other readers join a book club because there is an inspiring book that they want to share with other people. Book clubs provide the opportunity for members to discuss a beloved book with people who like to read.
Book clubs are also a great way to meet new people and have fun.
If you're interested in joining the Thursday Book Club, call the library at 830-796-4213 for contact information.