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Best little bank robber in Texas

By Mikie Baker BCC Contributor

Author Ron Williamson will detail the true story of Willis Newton and his outlaw gang who robbed trains and over 70 banks - more than Jessie James, the Daltons and the rest of the Old West outlaws combined.
At 10:30 am, Saturday, Oct. 19, at the Medina Community Library, Williamson will discuss his book, "Willis Newton: The Last Texas Outlaw" and the gang's specialty - blowing bank vaults with nitroglycerin in the middle of the night. The Newton boys' biggest haul - more than $3,000,000 from a train in Illinois - still holds the record for the biggest train robbery in history of the United States.
Bank robber Newton always took great pride in saying, "We never killed nobody, we was just in it for the money. Sure, we shot a few people but we never killed a single man."
Using transcripts from interviews with this infamous outlaw, Williamson's book keeps his readers spellbound.
For more information, contact the library at 830-589-2825.