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Suzanne Schauman announces candidacy


After living and working in and around Bandera for 17 years, I have decided to run for a seat on city council to try changing "politics as usual."
I own and manage a business connected to tourism - yes, a saloon and eatery. I have also worked for attorneys in both private practice and the county attorney's office and for the 38th Judicial District Attorney. I believe I can bring a much-needed perspective to city government.
I understand the importance of working with a balanced budget, and keeping a close eye on spending. The recent proposed budget was not only unreadable, it gave no indication of what had previously been allocated to each line item or what had been spent. This is our public money and we are entitled to know how it is being spent.
It is time for more elected council representatives to listen to the citizens of our town and act in a manner that is best for all of us. I will listen and work with the residents of Bandera who let me know what they think. I want to encourage a climate of cooperation, which has been sadly lacking. As your representative on the council, I will also stand up for issues that you tell me are important.
I will try to always be available to discuss your concerns. I believe in conversation and healthy debates in lieu of confrontation.
Vote to allow me to represent you on the City Council and I will work for you.