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Payne announces for Precinct 4 commissioner


I am John Payne and I am asking for your vote for Precinct 4 County Commissioner.

Doug King has done an exemplary job serving Precinct 4, and the entirety of Bandera County, for the past 12 years and it is my intent to continue that high level of service to this community.
From 2009 to 2012, I served as your county attorney. During the four-year period, I attended every meeting of commissioners' court session except three times when I was in trial out of the county. I attended the sessions not only because I thought it was a part of my duty as county attorney, but also because I have an interest in the welfare of Bandera County.
As a life-long Republican, I am a fiscal conservative. I believe that the financial health of our county should be a top priority - and that includes responsible spending and allocation of your taxpayer dollars. By the same token, while I advocate minimizing any unnecessary spending, I do not believe in "short-changing" expenditures on vital needs and services for county residents.
For example, I believe in proper maintenance of our roads, and fair compensation for county employees, both of which cost money. I believe the Bandera County Road and Bridge Department has done a great job tackling the challenge of our road maintenance during this extended period of drought. I commend them for that.
I am also a strong proponent of private property owner rights. I believe that in the coming years - and even now - county and private property owners will face critical situations concerning property ownership in the Medina Lake area. Although the majority of the lake area is not in Precinct 4, I believe any decisions made with regard to property rights in that area may indirectly affect the rights of property owners in other parts of the county.
In the best interest of county residents and property owners, all Bandera County Commissioners and county government as a whole should function as one unit. Among other things, this means keeping an eye on what is happening in Austin that may affect the health and welfare of our rural county.
Although I have lived in Bandera County for only 10 years, I love this county - it is my home. I also proudly served as county attorney and with your vote, I look forward to serving as Precinct 4 Commissioner. Thank You.