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Clarification of Sorensen's parole 'hearing'

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

In response to the article titled, "Sorensen - from Big House to your house? Assist with keeping murdered incarcerated," published in the Thursday, Sept. 26, edition of the Bandera County Courier, the Courier was contacted by Harry Battson, director of public information for the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles.
In an email, Battson wrote that the parole board routinely notifies victims of upcoming parole reviews. According to Battson, victims may, if they wish, request an interview with the lead voter on the parole panel prior to the panel's decision. By state law, the victim request will be granted automatically. Additionally, Battson noted that a "victim" is defined by state statute.
Other interested parties who request an interview prior to the decision may be granted that interview at the discretion of the lead voter. In this case, the lead voter will be board member Michelle Skyrme in the Palestine Office. To request an interview, contact Skyrme at the Palestine office, 133 East Reagan Street, Palestine 75801, or call 903-723-1068.
For more information, Battson can be reached at 512-406-5870.