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Night Out builds bonds

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

National Night Out was celebrated throughout Bandera County the evening of Tuesday, Oct. 1.

According to reports about 50 residents turned out in Precinct 1 at Castle Lake VFD "to see old neighbors and meet new ones." Also on hand were EMS medical personnel and Constable Phil Tobin, who apparently filled everyone in on recent "nefarious activity" in the neighborhood.

During his presentation, Tobin asked everyone to report suspicious activity by calling emergency dispatch at 9-1-1. "If a strange vehicle is casing your area, get a license plate number if you can, but don't put yourself in harms way," he cautioned.
Tobin also asked residents without landline telephone service in their homes, to make emergency dispatch aware of the cell phone numbers associated with a particular address. He asked residents to call dispatch on the 830-796-3771, non-emergency number, and give them the physical address and all telephone numbers connected to it.
Before concluding his presentation, Tobin said he could be contacted at his office at 830-460-8110 or on his cell phone at 210-316-8448.
Those attending the gathering at the Tarpley Community Center in Precinct 4 included Constable Rod Chalmers, Bandera County Sheriff Daniel "Dan" Butts and other BCSO members.
Law enforcement officers with the City of Bandera Marshal's Office, along with the Bandera Volunteer Fire Department, also participated in Texas' 30th annual National Night Out. The event took place in front of the VFD Station House and Municipal Building on Main Street.
Additionally, members of the Mayor's Citizen Advisory Committee were on hand with information about forming a city-wide neighborhood watch program.
National Night Out builds a strong partnership between law enforcement and communities. During the annual event, residents are encouraged to lock their doors, turn on their porch lights and gather with neighbors to show unity against criminal activity, sending a strong message that neighborhoods are standing strong against crime.

Pictured: Photos by Judith Pannebaker
Along with her mom, Bandera County Auditor Christina Moeller and BCSO Deputy Louis Moreno, Taytum Moeller, 5, celebrated National Night Out on Tuesday, Oct. 1, in the City of Bandera. With her SWAT helmet and handcuffs at the ready, Tatym looks ready to "take back the streets!"

Law enforcement officers, Chief Deputy Scott MacNaughton, Marshal James "Charlie" Hicks and Deputy Will Dietrich joined Joe Hearn, Nita Jenkins and Glenn Clark, members of the Mayor's Citizens' Advisory Committee Neighborhood Watch Committee, during the recent National Night Out.