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Donated cell phones assist abuse victims

Special to the Courier

Pictured: Thanks to Littlegrass Ranch and Tractor Supply Company's National SAF-T® Day, Ranger and Rusty and their two-legged companions are safe from the threat of domestic abuse.

To raise awareness of domestic violence shelters that provide on-site housing for pets, Littlegrass Ranch, Inc. will collect old cell phones from 10 am to 1 pm, Saturday, Oct. 5, at Tractor Supply Company's National SAF-T® Day. The store is located at 1305 Sidney Baker Street in Kerrville.
This is part of a program by a national communications carrier to convert old phones into funds earmarked for victims of domestic violence. Phones can be donated regardless of the condition.
"We are collecting all brands of cell phones, smart phones, ipads, ipods and tablets through a program with Shelter Alliance that purchases them from us," explained Christie Kitchens, executive director of Littlegrass Ranch. "Even one that does not work is worth 50 cents."
Littlegrass Ranch is a Hill Country nonprofit offering transitional housing shelter for victims of domestic violence, their children, and their pets, including horses and other large animals.
This is the fourth year Littlegrass Ranch has represented the SAF-T program in Texas. According to Kitchens, 100 percent of donations will go to victims.
Sheltering Animals & Families Together (SAF-T)™ is the first and only global initiative guiding domestic violence shelters on how to house families together with their pets.
Founder Allie Phillips SAF-T created National SAF-T® Day because families in abusive situations often have pets and do not wish to be separated from them, trapping them in the abusive environment. SAF-T enables more domestic violence victims to leave abusive households without leaving their pets behind and at risk.
Shelters such as Littlegrass Ranch are the solution for families and pets caught in the cross fire of family violence.
Littlegrass Ranch is currently raising funds to find suitable land and to build the facility, which is currently being designed by students at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Plans call for at least 100 acres for pasture and facilities; secure gates and fencing; headquarters buildings for administration, counseling, meeting and dining; barns with stalls and storage; and separate family-style cabin housing.
For more information on Littlegrass Ranch, visit www.littlegrassranch.com, email info@littlegrassranch.com or call 888-LGR-9393.
For information on SAF-T, visit www.alliephillips.com