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Book signing at library sale


The Great Pumpkin is on his way but you will find only treats at this Saturday's Friends of the Library book sale. Our best treat is a book signing and sale by local author Joe Reeves. Joe's third book, "Strate from the Holler" is a compilation of e-mail letters about the hard life in the country that he sent out over a period of about 12 years. That holler is Privilege Creek, where he and his wife Ruth live.
In its heyday the newsletter had 100 or more subscribers, who never actually paid, except for some foreign coins and counterfeit American money with the subscriber's pictures on them. To make up the deficit, Joe decided to compile the letters into book form and sell it. Joe and Ruth are generously donating a portion of the proceeds to the Friends of the Library.
Our second treat is a big sale on all our romance/historical romance paperbacks, VHS tapes, National Geographic magazines and cassette tapes. All are priced at only 10 for $1. If learning Spanish is on your mind, a donation of a brand new Spanish language course may be of interest. And finally, this month is your last chance to purchase a complete vintage encyclopedia. Our usual selection of books and CDs will be on display.
The book sale is Saturday, Oct. 5 from 9 am to 1 pm. Come visit your old friends at the library and make some new ones. We guarantee you'll find a treat. And as always, thank you for reading.

Pictured: Joe Reeves inspects a copy of his third book, "Strate from the Holler," a compilation of emails sent to friends over a period of 12 years detailing the adventures of country life in Bandera County.