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Shhhh! Read & heed library's rules

By John Hegemier BC Library Director

The school day ends at around 3:30 pm. After that, many local youngsters are on their own, looking for a place to escape the heat of summer or the cold of winter, perhaps get some studying done or maybe catch up with friends that they haven't spoken to for 34 minutes. The Bandera County Public Library provides a location for all of these activities and more.
The beginning of the school year is also a good time to remind youngsters that the library is a shared space. The facility is used both by older adults who might find "youthful exuberance" a bit distracting, and by preschoolers who look up to teenagers as role models. For these reasons, library personnel make a special effort to both accommodate our youngster's needs and to provide a facility that remains pleasant for all.
A few simple rules of conduct have been established to keep the library an enjoyable place for all of our patrons:
• No food or drinks allowed in the library
• One person per chair and per computer
• No cell phones
• Disruptive or uncontrolled behavior will not be tolerated
• Excessive noise is disruptive and needs to be taken outside
• Children 10 years old or younger should not be left unattended
• No congregation near the entrances or exits
• Place unused backpacks in the designated area
• No skateboarding is permitted on library premises
• The number of entrances and exits to the library should be kept to a reasonable amount
• Lying down on the floor might be comfortable but should be done at home, not at the library
• Sleeping is another activity that is not allowed in the library
• Per a county ordinance - no smoking is allowed on library premises with "premises" defined as the interior space of the library building and surrounding facilities and grounds.
The library staff does their best to enforce these rules and still keep the library a fun place to be. Parents will be given a copy of these rules when signing a computer permission form for their children. The rules are also posted on the library bulletin board. Patrons who observe inappropriate behavior should feel free to inform the librarians so that appropriate action can be taken.
It's always exciting when a new school year begins. The library staff is looking forward to fulfilling the community's expectation. "We enjoy seeing the return of some familiar faces and are excited by the opportunity to meet some new ones," noted a library spokesman.