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Rural mail thefts on rise in Pipe Creek area

By Carolyn B. Edwards BCC Staff Writer

A flurry of thefts from rural route mailboxes in the Pipe Creek area has local residents concerned.
Danny Flowers reported that his 89-year-old mother had several envelopes with checks taken from her box in the Rio Rancheros subdivision. "The carrier saw that the flag was up, but there was no mail in the box, so she checked with my mother," said Flowers.
According to Chief Deputy Matt King with the Bandera County Sheriff's Office, there have been six reports of possible thefts from mailboxes since July.
"Many of our rural boxes are in isolated areas," said King, "so it's hard to keep an eye on them."
King advises local residents to keep an eye on their boxes as well as their neighbor's and to report any suspicious activity, such as an unfamiliar vehicle or someone going from box to box.
"Be observant and cautious," he advised.
King added that at least one stolen check has been recovered after being used at a store and the BCSO is following up on that lead.
A US Postal Service spokesman echoed King's advice to be observant of any suspicious activity around rural boxes in the neighborhood. "It is absolutely necessary that victims file a report with the BCSO," said the USPS spokesman. "Nothing can be done until that step is taken."
Flowers, in the meantime, said he just wants to get the word out so that local residents can be more cautious. "Watch out for your neighbors," he said.