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Hill Country deals with water woes

By Carolyn B. Edwards BCC Staff Writer

Late in the afternoon of Thursday, Sept. 12, Aqua Texas, the public water company that provides water to Hill Country Elementary, advised the school district that the well used to provide water to the school was experiencing equipment difficulties and that the water at Hill Country would not be acceptable to drink.
By Monday morning, Sept. 16, the problem had been fixed and the school was given the all-clear for students to drink the water, reported BISD Maintenance Director Ed Barnes.
According to an eNews message sent out by the school on Thursday, "Water fountains at Hill Country were immediately shut down while this concern was addressed by the water company."
The school district provided bottled water to students and the food service staff until the problem was resolved.
Water remained accessible to the school's restrooms, so flushing was not affected.
According to district administrators, the eNews announcement went out, along with notes home to parents, the afternoon the notification from the water company was received.
"The water is still on as of 10 am Friday, but is not acceptable to drink. We are providing the campus bottled water to drink and cook with. The problem is with the water company who maintains the well. Its nothing we can fix on our end," said a statement from BISD administration.