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Chunk taken out of Medina's Big Apple

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Pictured: Photo by Clare Barnett
This image illustrates the vandalized Medina Big Apple that had resided peacefully without incident for years on Highway 16 North in the heart of the small community.

According to Bandera County Sheriff Office Chief Deputy Matt King, "some idiot or idiots" recently attempted to destroy a longstanding community icon.
Emergency dispatch received a call at approximately noon on Tuesday, Sept. 11, reporting the large carved limestone apple on Highway 16 North had been forcibly removed from its base. The incident apparently occurred late Monday night or early that morning. An employee of The Apple Store, located across the highway, made the call to 9-1-1. For years, Medina's Big Apple stood as a suitably oversized sentinel marking the grounds of the former Medina Apple Festival.
King said preliminary investigation indicated that a tow strap or nylon rope had been looped around the sculpture then a pickup truck or other heavy vehicle had apparently been used to pull the giant apple from its pedestal.
"Someone found a section of a yellow nylon tow strap at a small park located on FM 337 by the Medina River, which could have been used " King said. "It looks like it might have been used in the crime."
An employee of Medina Ace Hardware said that portions of the strap had also been found at the site of the Big Apple and also thrown under propane tanks in Medina.
Although the investigation continues, there are no suspects at this time, King added.
If the culprit or culprits are even identified, the good citizens of Medina have devised suitable punishment. As one noted, "They ought to tie 'em up in front of The Apple Store and let everyone throw rotten apples at 'em!"
Anyone with information that may lead to the apprehension of individual or individuals involved in the vandalism is asked to call BCSO at 830-796-4323. "This senseless act of vandalism did nothing but hurt the community," King said, adding, "We're waiting on an estimate to see how much it would cost to repair the damage."