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Medina loses a favorite son

By Mikie Baker BCC Contributor

Long time Medina resident and former owner of The Old Timer, Ed McAlister, died Saturday after a brief illness. He was known for his friendly smile and warm greeting whenever you saw him at his beloved place of business. Recently Ed sold the business to Debbie Martin who still runs the store just like Ed did.
He was born Jan. 13, 1948 in Woodville, Texas. He lived in Beaumont for many years and worked in the financial industry. His wife, Jane, was his high school sweetheart and when he wasn't working - which wasn't very often - Jane was by his side.
Around 13 years ago, Ed and Jane retired and moved to Medina to be closer to one of their daughters. They loved the views in the Hill Country and the peaceful, quiet life. Not long after moving to Medina, Ed came out of retirement and bought The Old Timer. He gave the place a family feel, greeting his customers by name. When you ran out of some staple, there was no need to panic because Ed made sure it was stocked on his shelves.
He is survived by his wife Jane and a large family - Cheryl DuPerier and husband Trip, Janie Zescovo and husband Patrick, Michael McAlister and wife Michelle and nine grandchildren as well as one sister and two brothers.
Ed always claimed that his favorite thing about The Old Timer was the people. The residents of Medina had a mutual love of this tireless business owner. The community is suffering a great loss of a dear friend and that is evidenced today by the funeral wreaths hanging on each of the doors at The Old Timer.

Now, there's one less good man sitting at The Old Timer's indoor picnic table. God's Speed, Ed.