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- Law West and East of Privilege Creek -

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Monday, Sept. 2:
To start the week and month off on a positive note, a Bandera Boyo was nicked for not living up to the expectations of previous courts.
A Clot from Castroville passed an evening in the quod after having been detained for a first DWI, reckless driving and resisting arrest. Apparently, he failed utterly as the latter charge suggests.
Tuesday, Sept. 3:
An infamous "other" warrant put the skids on the good times of a citizen of the Cowboy Capital.
So, not only was this Sweetie from San Marcos being housed for Gillespie County, she was also charged with a felony motion-to-revoke-her probation.
Wednesday, Sept. 4:
A Bad-Tempered Banderan was summarily sent to the slammer - where he remains - for assaulting someone with bodily injury and, as an afterthought, failing to appear.
Possession of a controlled substance seemed sufficient to send a 35-year-old Bandera Babe to the hole for a couple of days, at least.
Thursday, Sept. 5:
One would think a nearly 50-year-old woman would know enough not to drive without a license, but she didn't and therein laid the tale.
A Kerr-Vert and his cohort in crime, an Idjit from Ingram, were both apprehended and charged with felony burglary of a building; however, only the Kerr-Vert remains behind bars. Now, what's that tell you about the Idjit?
A Pipe Creep was nicked for the cryptic offense "duty strking fixture." I know I could call Marty at BCSP and find out what the Sam Hill this means, but it's more fun to plead ignorance - as many transgressors apparently attempt.
Apparently, while in the throes of Reefer Madness, a Miscreant from Medina attempted felony burglary of a building. Since he appears on the weekly arrest sheet, one can, I suppose, assume he failed.
A Bandera Blockhead remains confined to the county can on account of two felony warrants from an outside agency.
Friday, Sept. 6:
A quintet of misdemeanors, including driving without a license, being dogged by three failure-to-appear warrants and last, but certainly not least, assaulting someone who suffered bodily injury, warranted a Pip from Pipe Creek's proscription to the pokey.
A San Antonio Scofflaw also remains in the gaol after it was discovered there was a misdemeanor motion-to-revoke-his-probation warrant in his past.
A misdemeanor motion-to-revoke-his-probation warrant, combined with a failure-to-appear warrant and another that indicated this Bandera Bandito had failed to comply with the suggestions of a previous court appeared adequate to send him to the choky for a while. In fact, I think it was.
Saturday, Sept. 7:
A Bandera reached the ripe old age of 80something before being charged with a first DWI.
Meanwhile another Crapulent Cowboy Capitalist was picked up for the same.
A Dipsomaniac from Medina put her foot in it after she was charged with three felonies - namely DWI with a child in her vehicle, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and evading arrest with a vehicle. Lady, please, get yourself together and lay off the Demon Rum.
Sunday, Sept. 8:
A resident of Medina was arrested for felony indecency with a child and sexual contact